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Konsten att klippa

Jag var hos en riktigt bra frisör i Stockholm för ett tag sedan. Och jag kan nog säga att jag aldrig har haft en så otroligt fin frisyr som jag hade efter jag hade vart här. Så jag kommer absolut att komma tillbaka dit i framtiden. Jag kan verkligen rekommendera att man gör ett besök här om man vill klippa sig, jag tror nog att man kommer att uppskatta det otroligt mycket. Det är verkligen en konst det här med att klippa hår, och det är inte många som har bemästrat den!

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My uncle will visit us next week.He is already 90 years old. But stil going strong and on the move. When a was a child he always joined us on holidays. So I know uncle Simon very well. He lives in Denver at the moment. But is planning to move to Washington. And that on the age of nineteen years. Just moving again. Because he thinks he will have more friends there. I will help him of course. And that is a hell of a job. Because he never throws anything away. So we will be moving whole his life ...


I bought a couple of adapters at Adactus. A nice company with good service. I recommended them also to my friend who needs to buy all their wireless stuff for their new house. They have such a nice house. They bought it two months ago and renovated it totally. New bathrooms, new kitchen, new floor, new electricity, new windows, new everything. It is beautiful now but they had some problems long the way. But isn't it always like that if you do a huges renovation. I think so, but of course that is not the funny side of such ...